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  •   Performs burring,edging,elbowing,flanging,flattening and turning.
  •   Adjustable roll pressure by means of top mounted hand crank.
  •   Can be used in both forward and reverse.
  •   Long throat makes unit nighly versatile.
  •   Operations is smooth,fast and precise.
  •   Table mount with clamp is standard.
  •   6 interchangeable rolls with 27/32″I.D.
  •   Additional rolls available.

Main technical data

Cutting Capacity

22Gage(0.8 mm)

Distance Between Shaft Centers

2″(50.8 mm)

Depth of Throat to Frame

7″(178 mm)



29 kg


32 kg

Overall Dimensions

540×510×250 mm

Packing Measurement

540×510×250 mm

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